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15 01 21

About the museum

In 2020, the Zaporizhzhya Museum-Gallery of Ilya and Alexei Burlai’s Applied Ceramics and Paintings celebrated the tenth anniversary of the «Museum and School» project (2010 — 2020). This is what L.А. Griffen, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, wrote in the introduction to the 4th V.Batalkina’s book «Pages of the Artistic Chronicle»: «It is a real museum that has emerged with its appropriate design, interesting museum exhibits, that, first of all, include a collection of architectural and construction ceramics, works of fine arts. Their exhibiting features in the Zaporozhye Museum-Gallery of Ilya and Alexei Burlai’s Applied Ceramics and Paintings make one’s visit pleasant and useful. They make an impact on the visitors’ imagination and way of thinking as well as their values ​​and even the way of life of the people who find here the samples of technical and artistic culture of past generations, and contribute to the inclusion of these cultural values ​​into the modern cultural context.
Especially noteworthy is the work that is aimed at the children’s audience here at the museum. The Zaporozhye Museum-Gallery of Ilya and Alexei Burlai’s Applied Ceramics and Paintings, in its own way, is a unique social phenomenon».
As of 14 February 2020, more than 7,700 students took part in ten arts festivals within the framework of the ‘Museum and School’ project and all cultural and pedagogical events, which has given creative youth an opportunity to get acquainted with the art of painters, become participants of creativity workshops, music concerts, and thematic exhibitions.
Among the exhibits of architectural and construction ceramics presented in the museum-gallery there are over a thousand ones that are more than 100 years old. The ceramics have stamps and brand marks that make it possible to assess the collection by not only the material or technological characteristics, which, of course, is necessary for new ceramic production technologies at present, but also by the method of regenerating of the ethno-artistic features of the past eras. The purpose of exhibiting the museum-gallery’s collections is to promote aesthetic education and, when possible, introduce the best works of art and sculpture dedicated to the history of the museum-gallery foundation and its profile. As the visitors note (the archives of the museum contain 10 guest books with 1,597 handwritten reviews), the museum-gallery is characterized by the original way of exhibiting objects of engineering and fine arts.
A number of authors have studied and covered in their publications the story of founding the Zaporizhzhya Museum-Gallery of Ilya and Alexei Burlai’s Applied Ceramics and Paintings: as of 20 March 2020, 97 articles were published in periodicals, 29 in scientific publications, 4 in literature, and 4 in the Internet resources. The unpublished handwritten materials from the archive of the Zaporozhye Museum-Gallery of Ilya and Alexei Burlai’s Applied Ceramics and Paintings include 1,597 visitors’ reviews in guest books. This means that the museum-gallery has a positive development trend and identifies its role in the modern socio-cultural space.
Popularization of the Ukrainian art by studying the history of fine and musical arts in a technical museum of Ukraine is the main feature of the author’s «Museum and School» project, which was highlighted in 2013 by the article Events in the ICOM news international publication [Events. ICOM news. The international council of museums magazine — vol 66 NO 1. MARCH 2013. Museum News. C.4. (English). The events that have been held within the framework of this project since 2010 include seven thematic arts exhibitions, 14 classical music concerts involving students and teachers of Zaporozhye music schools and the V. P. Maiboroda music college, ten art festivals in which 7,717 students took part and replenished the museum with their drawings.
It is from an early age that we should develop the student’s ability to fully perceive and correctly understand the beauty of the arts, reality, and science. Undoubtedly, one of the ways to form a student’s aesthetic culture is visiting museums, since it is in the museum that the storage, study and exhibition of natural monuments, material and spiritual culture of the humankind takes place. It is in the museums that the visitors are acquainted with the whole wealth of the national and worldwide historical and cultural heritage. As it is noted by the scientists, the formation of the aesthetic movement is closely linked to the development of civilization, directly, to the forms of artistic and creative human activity. It is also connected to the problem of the specific nature of art, which leads to the emergence of the main types of the arts and educates the engineer-to-be about what technical creativity comprises in the 21st century.

19 03 19

Welcome to art festival “Fascinating Nature Study”

The 10th art festival «Fascinating Nature Study» within the framework of «Museum and School» project is a study of natural science during school year 2019-2020 on the premises of the Museum-Gallery.
The festival will be opened on May 25, 2019 with a musical concert.
Interest in nature, attention to the environment, travelling, participation in festivals will help a creative personality to express his or her feelings in the form of a photograph, picture, design exposition, etc.
Creative works of artists, photographers, future botanists and nature scientists will be shown in museum exposition devoted to the 250th anniversary of Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt. The Prussian scientist, encyclopaedist, physicist, meteorologist, geographer, botanist, zoologist, explorer was born on October 14, 1769 in Berlin. Scientific interests of Humboldt were highly varied. While travelling around the world the scientist collected a variety of materials which enabled him to write the multi-volume treatise «Kosmos». He saw his main task in promotion of «holistic perception of universe as one interacting entity».

25 05 18

The 9th Art Festival «The Path to the Stars» within the framework of «Museum and School» Project (2018-2019 school year)

The art festival «The Path to the Stars» is a path to knowledge of history of art, science and technology, astronomy and topography, ultrahigh speed aerodynamics and laws of physics. These interesting subjects are studied during the school year which is a year to celebrate:

  • 10th anniversary of Zaporozhye Museum-Gallery of Applied Ceramics and Art Creativity of Ilya and Alexey Burlai (2008-2019)
  • 100th anniversary of artist and designer Alexey Burlai (1918-2018)
  • 100th anniversary of artist and topographer Ilya Burlai (1919-2019)

Welcome to the Museum! May 25, 2018

28 05 17

The «Magic Paints» eighth art festival within the framework of Museum and School» project (2017 – 2018 school year)

The «Magic Paints» art festival is a magic world of paints in the unusual apartment of museum-gallery brick vault at a depth of five meters. The aim of the festival is to develop the ability of creative self-expression, to acquaint art festival participants with magic paints and laws of color science, to teach them to express their feelings and ideas through the language of color. The rays of light penetrating into the art laboratory enrich world-view through interaction of music and fine art.
On May, 28, 2017 the festival was opened with the musical concert of students and teachers of musical schools of Zaporozhye.

21 05 16

Creative Laboratory in the Museum-Gallery

The 6th Art Festival «The Aesthetic Mathematics» in which 1115 school children participated came to its close. In their pictures the participants represented studies of their surrounding and their aspirations to its apprehension. The process of creative search compels one to scrutinize original sources of artistic performance, incites creative fantasy, stimulates intellect and calls for reflections with a pencil in one’s hand. In fact, a process of creation of any picture manifests an aspiration to immaculacy of art. On May 21, 2016 the pupils of Zaporozhye Musical Schools No.5 and No.6 and Art School No.1 and their teachers Rybalova O.V., Brik L.V., Dyakonova N.M., Koval Ye.A. opened the 7th Art Festival «Natural Coloristics» within the project «Museum and School» with the concert «Music and Mathematics» where the music of J.S. Bach, L.v. Beethoven, J. Haydn, C. Czerny, F. Liszt, I. Berkovich, E. Grieg, E. Siegmeister, M. Schmitz and other composers was played. The Art Festival will be held over the period of 2016-2017 school years.

11 07 15

Aesthetic mathematics

On July 4, 2015 in the Museum-Gallery the 6th creative festival started within the framework of the project «Museum and School». A subject of the festival is mathematics. Creative approach to the study of exact sciences in the historical brick vault of the Museum-Gallery, mathematics origin history, perception of music and mathematics, fine art in museum displays was the subject of the discussion at the meeting of generations. Students communicated with professional artists that shared their experience of creative approach to the study of history of mathematics and sliding rule.
Aesthetic mathematics

30 05 15

«History of Organ» Concert Devoted to Maria Hiltmann’s 100-th Anniversary

The Concert was opened by J.S.Bach’s «Siciliano» performed by Sergey Andreyev on an antique family organ at the Museum-Gallery.
Students and teachers of Zaporizhzhya Music Schools No. 5 and No. 6 took part in the Concert. The Concert program included compositions of W.A. Mozart, J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, A. Corelli, J.B. Lully, J. Pachelbel, G. Frescobaldi.
«History of Organ» Concert Devoted to Maria Hiltmann's 100-th Anniversary

28 10 14

Rainbow in Underground Museum

Recreational physics in the Brick Museum Recreational physics in the Brick Museum

Recreational physics in the Brick Museum
«Sunrays in Rainbow Colors» is the Fifth Art Festival within the framework of «Museum and School» project. It is held in the museum-gallery during 2014-2015 school year to expose the world of natural and physical phenomena, light and color in nature and art.
In nature everything thrives in the Sun. Its warmth and light brings everything to life.
Sunrays falling on Earth are rectilineal. If a ray on its way meets an opaque object, it casts shadow, as a ray can not penetrate through such an object. The spot is not illuminated.
In nature there are many physical phenomena which one can observe during one’s life. One of such phenomena is a rainbow, the attitude towards which is rather ambiguous with different people of the world.
A rainbow is an optical phenomenon in atmosphere representing one, two or several varicoloured bows observed against background of a cloud opposed to Sun. A rainbow is formed by rays that fall at a certain angle on a waterdrop. The rainbow from one waterdrop is very faint and can not be seen separately, but there are many waterdrops in the rain.
Sun and color are always present in human life. This is how nature beautifies itself, an artist enlivens a picture using colors and extraordinarily talented musicians even see a color of a melody. The musical concerts performed by children in the brick vault of the museum apartment give an opportunity to discover and expose the creative sides of personality. The pupils of Zaporozhye childrens’ musical schools proved themselves not only as musicians but also acted as artists leaving as a memento pictures with images of versicolored musical instruments.
Ability of correct and harmonious combination of colors, be that in a picture, in a dress, make-up or design, is one of the most important aspects of creative development of personality.
Nature and human imagination, complementing each other, create masterpieces. Such striking combination of natural beauty and human ability can be seen at «World of Icebergs» photo exhibition by Aleksander Batalkin opened on October 26, 2014 in the museum-gallery.
The «Sunrays in Rainbow Colors» Art Festival aims to inspire the guests to develop their creative abilities, enhance their cultural education and enrich the inner world of their personality.

Marina Karnatskaya

11 05 14

The 7th thematic exebition «Art of Handicrafts»

The seventh thematic exhibition «Art of Handicrafts» is a result of cultural and pedagogical endeavor of the museum-gallery in the school year of 2013-2014 within the framework of the 4th art festival. A journey from a handicraft to the art was studied in the museum for a full school year. Schoolchildren after seeing museum displays represented their vision of favorite handicraft in a picture.
More than 600 school drawings, pictures, books, ceramic articles, musical instruments represent the exhibits of the exhibition opened on May 11, 2014. Schoolchildren and professional artists, masters of fine art take part in the exhibition. Among them were Latansky Sergey Vasilyevich, Vashchuk Dinah Konstantinovna, Denisenko-Yaremenko Lesya, Denisenko Yuriy, Krivonos Marina, Trigubova Natalia. The museum displays on study of structure and manufacture of musical instruments, their elements and components are one of the main themes of the exhibition. Students of Zaporozhye musical schools, teachers and parents participated in a cultural and pedagogical programs of the museum within the framework of «Museum and School» project of V. Batalkina in the course of 4 years.
Musical concerts held in the museum under direction of professional teachers give an opportunity to perceive the process of formation and development of creative personality. The fourth art festival culminated in a concert dedicated to the 6th anniversary of the museum-gallery and to the opening of the 7th thematic exhibition «Art of Handicrafts». Pupils and teachers of musical schools of Zaporozhye Rybalova Ye.V., Isionova O.I., Dyakonova N.M., Semyonova Ye.I., Stepurko T.N. took part in the concert.
(Русский) 7-я тематическая выставка «Искусство ремесел»

16 10 13

The fourth festival «The Art of Handicrafts» within the framework of «Museum and school» project (2013-2014 school year)

«The Art of Handicrafts» festival presents a world of color and light, history of creation of paintings, methods of fine art teaching in a museum, ability to express image in color and methods of teaching the arts of handicrafts.
Combination of aesthetic cognition and artistic practice of students on materials of history of handicrafts comprises one of important means of aesthetic education in harmonious development of personality.
The study of topic «History of art of handicrafts» on the premises of the museum-gallery proposes to investigate:

  • Emotional perception of color in the interior of the museum-gallery
  • Cognition of artistic features of articles of handicrafts
  • Explanation of cultural and historical message and value of article
  • Deepening of knowledge about images on clay wares
  • The decorative and applied arts and art of handicrafts
  • Arrangement of spatial and chromatic composition of a picture
  • Practical training on the basis of the aesthetic learning of history and the present of handicrafts

Pedagogical value of learning the history of art of handicrafts, decorative and applied arts and graphic art implies that different kinds of art give an opportunity to foster the culture of perception of material world, help to form aesthetic attitude toward reality and to appreciate artistic and expressive means in the art of handicrafts.
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