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31 07 13

95th anniversary of Alexey Petrovich Burlai

On July 28, 2013 on occasion of 95th anniversary of Alexey Petrovich Burlai the meeting of artists, teachers and the «School of the future» exhibition participants took place in the museum.
The artist Anatoliy Sergiyenko, who came from faraway Severomorsk to his native Zaporozhye, presented his work «Brothers Ilya and Alexey Burlai in 1938». He gave a high estimation of artistic activity of Alexey Petrovich, first of all, as a monumental painting artist.
The founder of the museum Valentina Batalkina told about artistic, scientific and pedagogical activity of the museum over a period of 5 years of its existence. The artist Sergey Latansky and other participants of the meeting pointed out, in particular, the value and actuality of the «Museum and school» project and discussed the trends in museum activities. The fourth Handicraft Festival commenced.
Under the dome of the museum-gallery hall, near the family organ the relatives of the artist and museum guests could listen to the pieces of music of J.S. Bach performed by Sergey Andreyev and get acquainted with many-sided creative work of A.P. Burlai.

28 06 13

The «School of the Future» Project

As has become evident in the course of time, the «School of the future» project of the founder and director of the Museum-Gallery of Applied Ceramics and Art Creativity of Ilya and Alexey Burlai, Valentina Batalkina, nee Burlai-Hiltmann, demonstrated its social significance and both pedagogical and aesthetical value for cultural life of Zaporozhye city.
Methodology of lessons is especially valuable, since they are held in the form of a free discussion, engaging all students in the process of discussion of interesting topics and not leaving them indifferent, thus developing an ability to think independently, to have their own point of view and an ability to defend it.
The role of fine art is invaluable in modern education of future generation. Variety of topics discussed during the lessons, their actuality in modern life, sets a vector in development of young people.
Development of child’s fantasy and creativity at the lessons of the «School of the future» project will result in informed choice of profession and realization of child’s fantasies in chosen profession.
I wish further creative and pedagogical success, new creative projects and their realization for the good of her home town Zaporozhye to the founder and director of the Museum-Gallery of Applied Ceramics and Art Creativity of Ilya and Alexey Burlai, Valentina Batalkina, nee Burlai-Hiltmann.

Respectfully and gratefully,
Honored architect of Russia, born in Zaporozhye
Alexander Burlai

06 06 13

Sketch «Ilya» with its story at the «School of the Future» exhibition

Трубач (казачата) (х.м. 151х148 1978-1)

In the center of the show-room is a sketch «Ilya» to the picture «Young Cossacks».
The original picture «Young Cossacks» is in one of the museums in Russia.
The sketch «Ilya» being an undeniable rarity was made by the Honored Worker of Arts, Gabdulla Tukay Prize Winner Alexey Petrovich Burlai (1918-2000), a member of the Union of Artists of the Тatar ASSR since 1950-1953, a teacher of drawing and painting of Kazan Art School. read more…

06 06 13

6-th thematic exhibition «School of the Future»

Another 2012-2013 school year is gone. Lessons, lectures, seminars, tests, examinations, sessions. Work never ends… Some people are looking forward to summer vacations, while other ones keep on working.
During this period Zaporozhye Museum-Gallery of Applied Ceramics and Art Creativity of Ilya and Alexey Burlai did not waste any time and offered welcome to every visitor. Since the Museum carries out scientific, creative, cultural and pedagogical activities, its guests are mainly school children and students. Apart from excursions the visitors were offered to draw the «School of the Future».
Daring flight of children’s imagination… However, there are general trends: school in the sky, school on the other planet, school under water and school as a certain object or part of the body. Who knows, maybe they will become scientists, engineers, architects, builders that will make real their childhood fantasies. read more…

21 03 13

Music lesson in the museum

On March 17, 2013 the «School of the future» festival held in the museum-gallery during the school year of 2012 — 2013, opened its doors to the young musicians and teachers of Zaporozhye musical schools Nos. 5 and 6 and Zaporozhye art school No. 1. read more…

17 03 13

The teachers of Veselyanka scientific and educational complex of Zaporozhye region commented on parallel education in the museum

Within the framework of the «School of the Future» art festival on 07.03.2013 the teachers of the Veselyanka scientific and educational complex had a meeting with the founder of the museum-gallery, the author of the «Museum and School» project Valentina Batalkina (nee Burlai-Hiltmann).
In the process of work it has been found that the museum is closely associated with this educational complex, notably, it has a «particle of the school» (a brick, which was used in construction of the scientific and educational complex in 1882, is exhibited in the museum).
Veselyanka school was built by the end of the XIX century with the funds provided by Ivan Victorovich Kankrin.
At the meeting the problem of parallel education of schoolchildren in the museum was discussed, where a certain conditions for teaching and development of creative abilities are provided through expositions and interior design of the exhibition halls.
Development of personality, perception and understanding of creative process in art, music, history, science and exposure of inner creative potential of a person is a main purpose of the «Museum and School» project.
The life creed, the museum-gallery effective tool and the main purpose of the museum foundation is a concept of aesthetic component in each man-made thing, be it a brick or a tile. read more…

21 12 12

Experimental lesson

An experimental lesson on the subject “Preservation of history of science and technology on example of museums of technical profile” was held in the museum-gallery on December 12, 2012.
The lesson was attended by students and teachers of Zaporozhye National Technical University. The issues of activities of the museum accommodated in the old building were discussed. The issues of actuality of the museum-gallery activities aimed at preservation of history of science and technology. Parallel education at the museum of technical profile. The most important principles in the museum activities such as creative development and personality formation were mentioned.

  1. Sacred objects of the family and knowledge of ancestral roots offer an opportunity to build the right relationship between the past, the present and the future. Problem statement and its connection with scientific and practical tasks.
  2. Preservation of architectural monuments and study of local history.
  3. Need to study the subject of history of science and technology and methods of teaching in the museum of technical profile.
  4. The role of a writer and a biographer in preserving the history of science and technology. Familiarization with the course of life and book of V.P. Platonov. Viewing of documentary films.
  5. Discussion of the subject of the lesson.

read more…

11 11 12

Students’ assessment of the «Meet the Artist» exhibition held on 07.11.2012

Owing to this guided tour, for the first time I encountered this type of architecture in our city.
At a glimpse one can grasp the full scope and thoroughness of reconstruction work. One can feel presence of spirit of the time here.
In rather a small room there is a high concentration of art objects, which makes the visiting still more fascinating.
Museum meets the aesthetic and historical criteria. My attention was particularly drawn to the metal composite structures made under the author’s supervision of Valentina Batalkina.
A wide range of building ceramics elements is also exhibited.
Overall, the atmosphere of the museum is very pleasing, with appropriate musical accompaniment.

Pauline Vagis, 20, a student of Humanities Faculty of Zaporozhye National Technical University.


I enjoyed the excursion and give it 5 points (according to 5-point system).
External appearance of the museum is ​​wonderful. As I entered the premises I felt that words failed me.
Paintings, various types of bricks, tiles, interior, hanging roots, stumps, watercolor paintings of old houses, I enjoyed everything there.
Such museums are really necessary for young people, as they can have a good time and learn at the same time.

Eugene Vashchuk, a student of Humanities Faculty of Zaporozhye National Technical University, Interior Design, presently works at the Theater named after V. G. Magar.


I was greatly impressed with the excursion; the lecturers literally made us feel the atmosphere of that time. The great talent of our lecturers overwhelmed me. I feel incredible pride in the fact that I personally know them.
The tour was held at the highest level despite limitations of time and space.
I give them 100 points (according to 100-point system).
I express my deep gratitude to them for their effort.

Natalya Kim, a first year student of Faculty of Humanities of Zaporozhye National Technical University.

Assessment of the exhibition

The exhibition held within the framework of “Meet the Artist” event at Zaporozhye Museum-Gallery of Applied Ceramics and Art Creativity of Ilya and Alexey Burlai from 5th to 7th November, 2012 provoked interesting discussions. The exhibition showcased the works of the lecturers.
The lecturer of “Design” department of Classic private university Gennadiy Minayev prepared for the exhibition his works “For the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty.”
Senior lecturer of Zaporozhye National Technical University Tatiana Enshueva, a head of the Union of designers of Ukraine in Zaporozhye region exhibited her works “Aleksandrovsk. Architecture” dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Union of Designers of Ukraine.
A museum educator Valentina Batalkina, who have been conducting within the last five years cultural and educational activities in the Museum-Gallery, presented the design project “Half-timbered structure model” and the interior design of the Museum-Gallery. These original works have been made in accordance with design, drawings and supervision of V. Batalkina.
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22 10 12

Lesson of V. I. Batalkina. Library in the Museum

A student, a master, a graduate student or an ordinary citizen that wants to get to know the world, undertake a scientific study or find for himself something new and interesting, turns to the book. A book it is a treasury of culture and availability of a book in a library gives an opportunity to study history with the purpose of the mutual understanding of cultures. Priceless are the books in the library of the German national museum. There it is possible to become acquainted with historical, scientific, methodical editions of different historical periods and modern theories that give an answer to a multitude of questions related to practical work of modern times. Every time I visit the library of the German national museum in the city of Nuremberg I enjoy the atmosphere of a reading-room of the library, hospitality of staff and easy access to the books. There are about 600000 books in the library. When I take a 250 year old book in my hands I feel that I become a participant of events portrayed in the book and I visualize the images of old time. For example, in the book of the author Stettner Daniel, 1764, the leveling of site for construction of the fortifications of 17-18 centuries is skillfully represented. The book is designed in the form of album in leather cover. Bright illustrations: colored pictures, sketches and drawings give an idea about architectural and designer landscape projects which remain actual also in our time. The book of the author Weigel Christoph, Regensburg: Weigel 1698. Titel: Katalog der Lipperheid. Kostumbibliothek is illustrated by numerous graphic pictures that represent the history of technology and handicrafts development in the 17th century. While studying the books of the past centuries we better understand historical events, and it gives us an opportunity to have a better understanding of science and technology development history. Visiting libraries and reading original publications have an influence on creative development of personality and expose its internal creative and scientific potential in art, music, history, science. I wish you discoveries and achievements. Visit libraries!

15 10 12

Lesson of N.Yu. Novichkova. Your honour, sir fire brigade chief

Fire brigade chief is a public officer appointed as a leader of fire brigade.
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